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Sports Therapy and Massage in Swansea

The Pilates Side Bend

Here is a mat based Pilates exercise that helps to strengthen your core. A great one also if you’re a runner as it targets glute Medius and Minimus

How to taper properly

Here, we answer your questions on how to taper properly to ensure you’re at your optimal for race day. Q. What is Tapering? Tapering is when you reduce your training volume in order to optimally prepare your body for an event. Generally 2-4 weeks is needed to give your body time...

Glutes – Are you activating yours?

Regularly in the BodyWorks clinic, I see people with poor movement patterns during a single leg squat. As we run only on one leg, this is a good functional test to assess peoples ability to stablise their pelvis, hip and knee joint during running. Inability to do so is strongly...