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Sports Therapy and Massage in Swansea

injury-treatment-icon-blueOur Injury assessment, treatment and diagnosis service is a comprehensive approach that will help us determine your dysfunction.

Here at BodyWorks, we offer a comprehensive assessment procedure to determine the cause of your injury and provide a thorough treatment and rehabilitation plan to help you recover from your dysfunction. Once an assessment has been performed, we will treat the injury in conjunction with our conclusions. Some of the treatment techniques we may use are:

Myofascial Dry Needling

is a new treatment to the UK, it offers many patients a greater range of movement and a sense of greater freedom after injury throughout the whole body. We use the skill of palpation to identify areas of your soft tissues that we feel require ‘freeing’ up. Used extensively in Australia, Becky brought this revolutionary technique back to the practice in the UK after working with its original pioneer Stewart Condie during her time with the Australian Olympic team in 2008.

Myofasical Release

is a gentle deep tissue technique which works by releasing tension in the fascia around the muscle, as opposed to other treatments which work on only the muscle fibres. When the fascias are warmed and gently mobilised they become elastic, freeing the joints and allowing for greater flexibility. This coupled with Myofascial Dry Needling, deep tissue massage and stretching techniques to limber up the body before and after, ensure an extremely effective treatment for most patients.

Once the treatment has been completed, we will provide you with corrective exercises in order to compliment the treatment given and enhance your return to fitness.


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